New Tires in Hutto for Your Ford Vehicle

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Do You Need New Tires For Your Hutto Ford Vehicle?

Your tires may look okay, but since they’ve been on your car for a long time, you might be wondering whether it’s time to replace them with new ones or not. Other than a flat tire or a burst, two other factors that help you decide whether it’s time to change the tires include their manufacture date and tread depth. If you own a Ford and have driven it through challenging landscapes, follow these tips to know if it needs new tires in Hutto.

Examine the Tread Depth

While the best approach to determine if your Hutto Ford needs new tires or not is to get them inspected by an experienced auto professional, you can begin by examining them yourself. According to the American legal safety standards, the tread of a tire should be no less than 2/32” deep. If your tires fail to meet that standard or are expected to deviate the standard very soon, they should certainly be replaced. For safety and optimal performance, your Ford’s tires should also be free of irregular wear and sidewall damage. We also recommend taking some time to learn what types of damage can be repaired and when replacement is necessary with the aim to safely prolong the life of the tires. Start your visual inspection with the tire tread, because they stay in contact with the road surface all the time. The tire tread should wear evenly with no irregularities and be deep enough all the way around. If you have DOT-regulated (US Department of Transportation) tires, they’ll have built-in tread wear indicators referred to as “wear bars”, which are positioned in several spots on the tread. When the tread is worn to 2/32”, the wear bars will remain even. Also, pay attention to the sidewall of the tires when inspecting the tread.

Determine Your Tires’ Age

How quickly your tires age depends on your driving behavior, road conditions, weather, and other factors. The more you drive each day, the more wear your tires will experience. A rule of thumb is to replace your tires as soon as they reach six years old, even if you notice that they have plenty of tread left. To determine the age of your tires, find out when the tire was manufactured by checking the Department of Transportation code mentioned on your tire wall. It should be a four-digit number, the first two of which refer to the week and the last two indicate the year the tire was manufactured. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. The initials “DOT” precede the code. There also exist other letters and numbers after the initials, distinguishing the code can be a little tricky. Search for the four digits that end with two numbers that can be recognized as a past year. Now that you know how to test your tires, here are some important insights to know when shopping for new tires in Hutto.

Getting New Tires For Your Ford Vehicle In Hutto

It’s important to understand some basics when shopping for tires for your Ford vehicle in Hutto. Tires carry a speed rating between 112 mph and 186 mph, which represents the maximum speed while being loaded. But it can be lower for some winter tires. Tires with a high-speed rating tend to be more expensive because they provide better handling and grip. Pricing of new tires varies not only by the brand and model but also based on their size. It should be higher for larger tires. If you choose to shop for Ford tires online, you’ll notice that the prices are pretty low. But those are exclusive of shipping, installation, and balancing costs. The overall price often adds up to what your local Ford dealer charges. By choosing a local dealer, you may also get a deal on installation as well as promotions, such as manufacturer rebates and discounts.

Where To Get New Tires In Hutto

Getting your tires replaced with new ones can be somewhat challenging, but keeping in mind they’re one of the most critical safety features in your vehicle, don’t put off the obligation. Plus, it’s not just about safety. New tires greatly enhance the comfort level of your Ford and some top tire brands even improve their fuel economy. For the best deal on new tires for your Ford vehicle, your local Ford dealer will have the experience and knowledge to determine exactly which tires are best for your model. At Covert Ford Hutto, our expert auto service center offers Express Lane service on any passenger vehicle. We employ certified automotive technicians with years of experience to ensure your car, truck, or SUV gets exactly the attention it needs. Conveniently located in Hutto, you can also schedule auto service online to get your Hutto Ford new tires on your schedule.

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