Hutto 2023 Ford Ranger Overview

Hutto 2023 Ford Ranger Overview

For the 2023 model year, Ford will remodel its mid-size Ranger pickup truck. It uses a more edgy front-end style that was influenced by the bigger F-150. This truck will be equipped with the proven, turbocharged four-cylinder 2.3-liter engine that the previous model has and rear-wheel drive as standard.

Customers are particularly enthusiastic about the high-performance Raptor edition and there are reports that a hybrid option may be released. Similar interior upgrades include a sizable infotainment system that is vertically arranged and resembles that of the Edge SUV.

Hutto 2023 Ford Ranger

2023 Ford Ranger

Quick Stats

2023 Ford Ranger in HuttoBelow are a few quick highlights of the Ford Ranger. Call Us at (512) 642-8436 with any questions.

Starting MSRP:
$ 27,400
Gas Mileage:
up to 21 City / 26 Hwy
Trims Available:
XL, XLT, Sport, Lariat, & Wildtrak
Up to 5
Safety Rating:
5 stars

What’s New for the 2023 Ford Ranger?

The all-new, next-generation Ranger is anticipated to enter production in the year 2022 as a model for 2023. There have been hints at a Raptor version and also a hybrid version of the Ranger, but we may not see them until the 2024 model year.

Performance – Engine, Transmission, and Off Road Capabilities

The 2023 Ford Ranger, available in Hutto, will have the 2.3 L turbocharged engine found in previous model years. This engine gets 270 horsepower and puts out 310 pound feet of torque. The Ranger comes standard with a 10 speed automatic transmission, and the 2023 model discontinues the manual transmission option.

It is no secret that Ford wants to electrify its pickup trucks; examples include the hybrid powertrain in the Maverick and the electric F-150 Lightning. It appears only a short time away before all-electric or hybrid vehicles make their debut since Ford spokespersons have stated that an electrified Ranger will be released in the future. These might be shared with the hybrid drivetrain for the upcoming Bronco, or they might be equipped with a battery system adapted from the latest F-150 Lightning pickup truck.

With regard to off-road capability, which these vehicles are renowned for, the new Ranger’s redesigned base is expected to offer stronger axle articulation. In order to improve articulation and ride comfort, the dampers on the rear are now positioned outside the frame rails.
Ford certainly considered off-road capability when designing the 2023 Ranger; there are two recovery points on the front bumpers, and the Wildtrak trim, as seen in photographs, appears to be at home driving about on mud with its all-terrain wheels.



7,500 lbs

Towing Capacity

Capacity for Towing and Payload

With a 7500-pound towing capacity, this truck is among the best in its category for mid-size pickups. The 2023 Ford Ranger has a payload capacity of 1,905 pounds.

The structure that supports the 2023 Ranger has been altered, becoming larger and longer. Ford claims that this enables a larger bed that can fit a pallet or flat piece of plywood between the wheel wells. The Ranger will come in extended cab/long-bed or crew-cab/short bed combinations.

Interior | Comfort, and Cargo

The 2023 Ford Ranger model features a standard digital instrument cluster, dashboard trim that is textured, along with air vents with a honeycomb pattern, the Ranger’s interior is given a contemporary appearance. The infotainment system now includes the majority of the truck’s many controls and buttons that were formerly analog.
The new Ranger’s interior design includes many internal storage options from Ford, such as a hidden higher glove box integrated into the dashboard, storage under the truck’s back seat and larger door pockets.

2023 Ford Ranger interior

Connectivity and Infotainment

For 2023, the Ranger lineup will all come standard with a sizable 10.1-inch infotainment screen, and customers that prioritize technology can upgrade to a 12.1-inch screen that is even larger and is positioned vertically. For access to numerous controls on the Ranger, including turning on a new zone-lighting feature which switches on lights placed at the outside of the truck to light a worksite or provide illumination for finishing setting up camp in the dark.

Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will come standard as they do on most modern vehicles today, and additional features like SiriusXM satellite radio, a B&O Play audio and in-dash navigation will also be available.

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With competition in the automotive industry constantly becoming more fierce, Ford is doing a lot to please its customers with advanced features. The 2023 Ford Ranger provides answers to almost every need that Ford loyalists might have and more, offering enhanced performance, entertainment and technology at a convenient price.