How the Ford F-250 Puts the Super in Super Duty

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Since its launch in 1999, Ford F-250 has been its powerhouse. Equipped with head-turning looks and performance that puts the super in super duty, Ford’s F-250 has become America’s choice for pickup trucks.

Key Features That Make Ford F-250 Super Duty

If you are still hesitant in declaring it the best super duty pickup truck in America, to help you out, we have highlighted the following features:

Blind Spot Information System (BLIS)

Blind spots are one of the most significant reasons why most accidents occur in the United States. However, it was such a complex problem that finding its solution was long considered impossible. Until Ford, America’s best automobile brand, introduced the BLIS technology.

Blind Spot Information System, commonly known as BLIS, is Ford’s patented technology, which, with the help of sensors, provides information about vehicles traveling in your blind spot. This technology has helped saved countless lives as it prevents accidents.

Ford F-250 was one of the first vehicles which came equipped with this technology and have constantly been upgrading to improve performance. This technology helps make the Ford F-250 the best super-duty pickup truck in the market.

Lane Keeping Alert

Another revolutionary technology that has made Ford F-250 the finest super-duty truck is that it offers  Lane Keeping Alert. This technology informs you if your truck is drifting out of its lane. It uses sensors and alerts to notify you, and if it is tripped more than a couple of times, it informs you to pull over and rest before driving again.

One of the biggest reasons long-route truck drivers suffer accidents is when they fall asleep at their wheel or even have a lapse of concentration. This technology assures you that you are always attentive when driving; if you are not, it tells you to rest.

Pre-Collision Assist (Automatic Emergency Braking System)

Accidents can occur at any time or any place; hence, the best you can do is prepare your absolute best for it. This is precisely the philosophy of the Ford F-250, which is why it has become the trusted choice of Americans.

Ford F-250 offers its pre-collision assist technology. This technology enables your super-duty truck to use an automatic emergency braking system.

Therefore, whenever need be, you can drive your truck stress-free as its remarkable technology has got your back no matter what. It can come from 60 to 0 within seconds, ensuring your safety.

Aesthetic Appearance

So far, we have touched upon a lot of technical reasons why Ford F-250 puts the super in super duty. However, the biggest reason we believe they have this label is their appearance. Heavy-duty trucks heavily rely on their appearance as people are either impressed or put off by the way they look.

Luckily for you, F-250 does not disappoint in this arena. They are one of the best-looking pickup trucks in the market, and just their mere presence can impress your friends and family.

State-Of-The-Art Entertainment System

Being the best super-duty truck available in the market, the Ford F-250 is a powerhouse that most people do not anticipate offering a degree of entertainment options in the interior of the truck that it does.

It includes an entertainment system that offers an 8-inch touchscreen, connectivity with current applications, and a premium sound system with 10 speakers. With its state-of-the-art entertainment system for a super-duty pickup truck, this vehicle can keep travelers entertained on their journey.

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